I consider bravest, that one who conquers his desires, more than the one who conquers his enemies, as the hardest victory is the victory over oneself Aristóteles
(384aC - 322aC)

Estudio Petrakovsky Law Offices was founded by Dr. Edgardo Petrakovsky more than a quarter century ago. Since then, the firm has played a mayor roll in rendering legal advice to particulars, local, international and multinational clients, in Argentina, MERCOSUR Region, United States of America and Europe.

Since our birth in 1984, we have become a prestigious and successful law firm with expertise in corporate, contractual, commercial, financial and intellectual property law.

We advice our clients in Argentina as well as in foreign countries, in different the stages of the legal structures: incorporation of new partnerships, joint ventures, amendments, and adecquation of their bylaws and articles of incorporation, and in the development of new projects, and investments.

We are a body of Lawyers with a solid national and international track record behind us, leaded by Dr. Edgardo Petrakovsky, expert in corporate law, specialized in offering not only preventive and executive advise in a wide variety of topics, but also with expertise in administrative and judicial claims.

One of our mayor skills has been to anticipate the permanent changes that occur in Argentina within the applicable rules and legislation enforce, their implicances in the economy and in business, and with them, the daily impact in the corporate or personal activities; and being able to render successful advise to our clients towards these matters.

The permanent seek of legal solutions in every particular case, and after each change in the rules of the game, is key for structuring business and corporate development, and more than necessary during the process of analysis of new investments and projects.

National and International strategic alliances provides us of a very important competitive advantage by allowing us to expedite and render specialized counsel and access to valuable resources in almost every economic, financial or business center in the world.

This is the way we work in our Law Office, a workplace where both human understanding and personal attention always rank first among priorities.

By selecting us, you will have a team of professionals who are committed to rendering personalized and taylor made assistance, giving us the opportunity to demonstrate that your selecting us has been the right choice.