Los derechos de cada individuo disminuyen cuando los derechos de uno solo se ven amenzados. John F. Kennedy
  • Registration of trademarks. Advise on trademark issues in general, classification of goods and services. Background searches and analysis of potential conflicts between trademark.
  • Dealing on different trademark issues in Argentina or through our correspondent law offices in the Southern Cone, USA, Europe, East.
  • Claims for opposition, cancellation, revocation or restitution of trademarks.
  • Negotiation and dispute resolution. Mediations.
  • Arbitration of disputes.
  • Research, analysis of anti-piracy measures and detection of street or online supply of counterfeit products.
  • Access to court on issues related to intellectual property rights. Promotion of claims and request for precautionary measures in court.
  • Negotiation and preparation of franchise agreements.